Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Programmes

Don’t get left out in the ‘WWW’ cold...

On-line marketing is key aspect of having a successful web presence and a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programme will help to deliver your objectives.

Unfortunately there is no ‘one fits all’ solution for SEO, so your bespoke programme is created to address your goals and it will encompass many aspects of web optimisation, content creation and linking strategy.

Search Engines are the ‘Number 1’ choice for the website visitor to find answers and information. You only need to see the ‘Ok Google’ campaign to get an understanding of how important they are to on-line business.

The ‘Search Engines’ are reasonably open when giving information about how you can get the best out of their search routines. However much is shrouded in secrecy and it is ever changing. For example Google altered its algorithms over 500 times in 2012 and these changes are commonplace.

Website SEO Essentials

All this said there are few SEO essentials that your website must deliver to be a contender and these include:


Now you are ready to start to create a marketing plan to deliver your goals. There are a number of SEO concepts that will help to build your websites ‘Search Engine’ score and these include:

Managing Results

Now you have a programme you need to monitor and engage with the results. Analysing the data and results is essential when developing the programme and continuing to deliver and build your on-line presence.

It is particularly important to understand advertising campaigns, successes and failures, so that your marketing budget is effective and result driven.

We can help you to create, deliver and manage these on-going programmes.