Social Media for Business

It's all the Buzz being Social

So what is it all about?

Social Media is by the far the fastest growing part of the internet. People can engage with it in a simple fashion, letting their friends know about almost anything!

It is a great resource for business to help promote their goods and services. People can interact with your website content and tell their friends about it. This means you have a readymade audience!

Facebook and Twitter

These are two very popular platforms. You should start by having a 'Like' button giving visitors the chance to say they like you to all their friends.

Twitter can be useful to quickly promote your services at a given point.

Facebook Apps

We can develop facebook apps for your page which can be visited by click the 'Tab' at the top of your facebook page.

Competitions App

This App adds competitions or multiple competitions to your facebook page. Entrees simply need to enter their details and they are recorded into the management system.

You have direct access to the management system for adding or removing competitions. It displays your competitions within your selected date range, captures entrees 'data' and can export all the data in a standard format.

It can even be setup so that an entree has to 'Like' your page first before they can enter any competitions

Visit the City Warehouse Competitions page

Trip Advisor

Display the latest 10 reviews direct from your Trip Advisor page. This completely automatic App visits your reviews everyday to update your review list.

The App is styled in a 'facebook' fashion, but can be designed to reflect your website or style. it is a great App for any business on Facebook and Trip Advisor

Visit the Taurus Bar Example

Regular 'Information' Apps

These App are designed to carry your regular information such as promotions, news feeds or location information

They can be styled to suit your website or to have a 'Facebook' feel.

Visit the City Warehouse iPhone Advert

Visit the ONA Spa Offers App


We will work with you to develop a viable 'Social' strategy for your business, everything from building in the social feeds on to your website to creating bespoke application for your social interaction.